Best Unisex Bathrobe for Couples

Best Unisex Bathrobe for Couples

The bathrobe is one of the most luxurious pieces in wardrobe. It can set an elegant tone for your day or night with its variety, quality materials and styles to choose from! 

Whether you're buying for yourself or a friend, consider these reliable bathrobes that'll guarantee relaxation and warmth. 

Selecting Colors for Couple Bathrobe Sets

When selecting colors for these matching sets there is no right answer because they can go with anything from black and white or neutral shades all way up orange reds, yellow, green or blue.

Wearing matching bathrobes as a couple doesn’t mean you have to look identical. Many people like taking the matching look all of way by choosing colors that match each other, while others select distinctively different hues for their sets so they can still create an individual style statement with them too!

Consider timeless unisex checkered pattern

The checkerboard pattern is one of the most popular designs ever to be created. It's no wonder why - this timeless design will never go out-of fashion and will look great on you both!

The checkered print has been around since the invention of chess in 6th century (Netflix's The Queen’s Gambit really couldn't have been better timed). It showed up on tiles and flags dating back to 1600s before becoming popular again during 1950-1962, when it graced pages Vogue & Glamour . 

Choose the right size

There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect robe for men or women. But one of the most important is fit. 

If you're looking for a couples' getaway, but can't decide on what to bring--you'll love these unisex robes.  SMPL OBJECTS bathrobes come in sizes ranging from X-Small all way up 2X.

To determine if a robe is unisex, simply measure yourself and compare your measurements to those listed in the chart below. If you're between sizes, go with the larger size.

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